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When should you translate your content?

In my last post, I wrote about the importance of translating your content and some of the benefits of having your content translated.

Now, I would like to address when you should translate it.

Often times, in large companies translations are requested due to business expansion. Then all material that has been already released to their current customers is translated to a new market.

When it comes to small and medium companies the same applies. If you are thinking about business expansion to a country where the language you are using is not  part of your current target, you will have to translate your services or product. 

This is necessary due to the laws of the country you are targeting or simply to make your new customers understand what they are buying.

If this is not yet the case and you are still not thinking about business expansion to another country. There are other needs that you are perhaps overlooking.

Your employees.

Internal communication can also be translated. Training material,welcome packs, information about pensions and so on.

Let’s say that you own a cleaning company in Atlanta, Georgia.

You manage dozens of employees, who are able to speak English at various levels of proficiency. 

You are now  adding a new service to your cleaning company, you started to offer carpeting cleaning as well and your employees need to understand how to operate the new carpet cleaning machine by reading the manual. There is also new Health and Safety training your employees need to complete in order to operate the machine and use the chemicals for cleaning the carpet.

Investing in your products and clients is important to keep your business up and running, however, your employees are the motor that help keep the engine going for years to come.

Translating training materials and any internal communication will help your employees offer a better service to your clients and could reduce medical leave as they would be able to fully understand the training they are receiving. Specially, in instances where they are dealing with hazardous substances.

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