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The Importance of Translating your Content

A few months ago, I went to an amazing trip to Tokyo, Japan. You can read all about it here.

As much as I enjoyed all the the things that I could. One of them was a constant battle. The food.

Ordering food when you have no idea of what is inside the plate, (the pictures helped but not as much as I assumed they would) proved to be a hassle and to me, a constant disappointment. Simply because the menu of the restaurants I went had no translation. Not even a little description so I could situate myself.

In one of the restaurants, I almost ordered food enough for a soccer team, when the waiter said it to me: “- This. Big”.

I do understand that translating a product or your services can be expensive. Specially if you have a small business and you are trying to establish your product on the market.

But why is translation seen as an expenditure and not an investment?

If one of the restaurants I went had a translated description of the food, I would definitely be their client for the time of my trip. Compared to the competitors with no translations at all, this hypothetical restaurant would have the edge of serving more tourists than the others. After all, why would I risk paying for something I didn’t enjoy or could possibly give me some allergy?

Instead of ruling this “expense” out, treat translation as an investment that will help your business grown and expand to a larger market.

To make you understand why translation is an investment, I have gathered a couple of points to make you think about it and perhaps change your mindset.

  • Unless you update the content of the service or product you are selling, the translation service you paid can be used for years to come.
  • By translating your content, you will be able to address more possible buyers, opening new avenues for business expansion.

Start separating a budget for the translation of your content and see the investment turn into profit.

There are ways to make this process more cost effective for you. Would you like to know how?

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